Meda® Bull (IVU-104)

Protected Varieties
Meda ™

is a new group of early cherries developed by Marvin Nies during 50 years in California and after 10 years of rigorous selections by the IVU team, together with the most important companies in the commercialization of cherries in Chile, today they reach the world market to occupy a space where it is not common to have large caliber, firmness, sweet and good post-harvest cherries.

Meda® Bull

• Early Variety: 5 days before Santina
• Firmness 90 Durofel
• 24 Brix sugar (mahogany red)
• Postharvest: Excellent (40 - 45 days)
• Fruit: Size 28 - 30 mm
• Stem: Very firm, 3 cm long
• Yield: high, produces in darts and twigs
• Alleles: S1S3
• Flowering Time: Early
• Pollinator: Lapins
• Chilling Hour Requirement: 400 CH to 500CH

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